Pocono Mountain Communities


Pocono Mountain Communities



Before making a property purchase, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the Homeowners Association (HOA) guidelines to understand their rules and regulations. Different HOAs have varying policies, such as permitting or restricting the installation of backyard pools.

For investors, it becomes particularly important to ascertain whether the community allows short-term rentals (STR) before committing to a property intended for rental purposes. It’s essential to inquire about the specific duration they permit for STR—some communities may allow daily rentals, while others may have a minimum requirement of 30 days.

Additionally, the interaction between township regulations and community guidelines is vital to consider. There are instances where the township may prohibit daily STR even if the community allows it, or vice versa. Being well-informed about these details ensures a more informed and successful property investment.

*Disclosure: The information provided below may have changed. It is advisable to verify the details with the specific Homeowners Association (HOA), as they update their policies annually. This ensures that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their rules and regulations.


Short Term Rentals Allowed. ✔️

Locust Lake Village: Pocono Lake, PA 18347. (Pocono Lake, Tobyhanna Township, PA): 1778 Lake Lane.

Telephone: (570)646-3616
Email: administration@locustlakevillage.org

With over 1600 properties, Locust Lake Village is a lake community renowned as a vacation haven. Featuring a beach, clubhouse, and even its ski hill, Locust Lake Village has short-term rental policies, requiring property registration and advance registration of each group and their vehicles. Wristbands are provided for access to community facilities, and the village is located in Tobyhanna Township, which is yet to implement STR rules and regulations.

Masthope Mountain: 196 Karl Hope Blvd. Lackawaxen, PA 18435. (Lackawaxen Township, Pike County, PA)

Telephone: 570-685-4790
Masthope Mountain, located at the northern end of the Poconos, is a residential community boasting an array of amenities, including a lake, swimming pool, clubhouse, stables, river park, tennis, and skiing. Short-term rentals are currently allowed in Masthope Mountain with a license granted by Lackawaxen Township and a permit issued by the management office.

Mt. Pocahontas: 386 Old Stage Road. Albrightsville, PA 18210.

Telephone: (570) 722-9220.

Mt. Pocahontas, a private non-gated community in the heart of the Poconos, spans 27 square miles and offers recreational facilities such as a pool. Property owners who rent are required to pay an extra annual fee and register their renters with the community manager. The short-term rental registration form is one page and must be submitted for each rental.

North Ridge At Camelback: Tannersville, Pocono Township, and Jackson Township, PA:

Telephone: 570-619-5576                                                                                                                                                                                         Email: info@northridgeatcamelback.com

Adjacent to Camelback Resort, North Ridge at Camelback is situated in either Pocono Township’s Resort District or Jackson Township, both of which allow short-term rentals (STR). With Camelback offering skiing, outdoor and indoor water parks, and vast areas for hiking and mountain biking, this community is ideal for those seeking an active getaway.

Penn Estates: 304 Cricket Dr, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. (Stroud Township and Pocono Township, PA).

Telephone: (570) 421-4265                                                                                                                                                                                         Email: admin@pepoa.org                                                                                                                                                                                       Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Penn Estates, a gated community with over 1750 properties, has around 85 registered as STR properties. Property owners pay annual fees to the association (POA) and license fees to the township. The community’s rental policy requires each guest group to be registered, with fees varying based on the advance notice. Homes in Pocono Township cannot obtain STR licenses, and the community is equipped with central water and sewer systems.

Pinecrest Lake and Country Club. 679 Pinecrest Drive. Pocono Pines, PA 18350. Pocono Pines, Long Pond, Tobyhanna Township, PA

Email: administration@pinecresthomeownerservices.org                                                                                                                         Telephone: 570-646-2452                                                                                                                                                                                        Website: https://www.pinecrestlakegolfclub.com/contact

Pinecrest Lake and Country Club, a golf and resort-focused vacation community, offers widespread rentals and short-term rentals. Guests/rentals must obtain temporary membership. Caution is advised, as Tobyhanna Township has yet to define STR status.

A Pocono Country Place, 679 Pinecrest Drive. Pocono Pines, PA 18350, (Coolbaugh Township, PA).

Phone: 570.894.8356
Email: pocomts@poconos.org
Website: https://apcppoa.com/cgi-bin/index.pl

A Pocono Country Place, a large gated community with 4,500 properties, boasts numerous amenities, including pools, clubhouses, lakes, paddle boats, a swimming beach, miniature golf, tennis courts, playgrounds, and parks. Both the township and the community allow short-term rentals (STR).

Pocono Farms Country Club: 182 Lake Rd, Tobyhanna, PA 18466. (Tobyhanna, Coolbaugh Township, PA 18466)

Phone: (570) 894-4435
Email: Admin@PoconoFarms.com.
Website: https://poconofarms.com

Pocono Farms, an amenity-rich community with a lake, clubhouse, boat rentals, pools, and more, supports short-term rentals. Owners pay no annual fee to rent, but each rental must be registered, and a $100 fee is charged, providing guests with passes for amenities and wristbands for the pool.

Pocono Farms East, 3170 Hamlet Drive, Tobyhanna, PA 18466. (Coolbaugh Township, PA 18466)

Phone: 570.895.4517
Email: pfarmseast@yahoo.com
Website: https://poconofarmseast.net

Short-term rentals are allowed in Pocono Farms East. 

Pocono Outpost: Beartown Road PO Box 747, Canadensis PA 18325. Canadensis, Barrett Township, PA 18325.
Short-term rentals are allowed in Pocono Outpost, and a permit is required by the township. While there doesn’t seem to be a website for the Pocono Outpost Property Owners Association for confirmation, recent listings indicate the community’s stance.

Pocono Summit Lake: Shore Line Dr, Pocono Summit, PA 1846. (Pocono Summit, Coolbaugh Township, PA).

Email: pslpoa.pa@gmail.com

Pocono Summit Lake, also known as Pocono Summit Lake Estates, is a neighborhood not overseen by an HOA. The streets fall under Coolbaugh Township, which allows for short-term rentals (STR).

Riverside Estates: 1120 Riverside Hts W Pocono Lake PA 18347-7979(Pocono Lake (Coolbaugh Township), PA)(Pocono Lake, Coolbaugh Township, PA).

Telephone: (570) 646-4099.

Riverside Estates, located in STR-friendly Coolbaugh Township, near Arrowhead Lake, allows for short-term rentals. The community association’s management company.

Rock Ledge Manor Estates: 8959 Twin Lake Drive, Kunkletown, PA 18058. (Cresco, Price Township, PA 18326).
Listings for properties in Rock Ledge Manor Estates promote the community as being Short-Term Rental (STR) friendly.

Stillwater Estates: 382 Stillwater Drive, Pocono Summit, PA 18346. (Pocono Summit, Coolbaugh Township, Tobyhanna Township).

Phone: 570-839-7920
Email: sepoamanager@ptd.net
Website: https://stillwaterestatespoa.com/cgi-bin/index.pl

Situated around the expansive Stillwater Lake, Stillwater Estates allows Short-Term Rentals (STR). Rental properties must be registered with the HOA, and each guest is required to be registered. Amenity badges and vehicle stickers are provided when the host registers guests. Coolbaugh Township requires an annual license, while Tobyhanna Township is yet to implement its proposed ordinance.

Stillwater Lakes Civic Association: 5144 Hummingbird Drive, Pocono Summit, PA 18346. (Coolbaugh and Tobyhanna Townships.

Phone: 570-839-7870
Email: stillwaterlakes@outlook.com
Website: http://www.stillwaterlakescivic.com/slc/home.asp

This charming lake community offers amenities such as a private lake, clubhouse, outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a playground. With 24/7 security, Short-Term Rental (STR) guests are ensured a secure environment. Several homes in the community operate as STR, subject to licensing. The community imposes a $125 annual fee plus $75 for each rental occurrence.

The Village At Camelback: 601 Camelback Rd, Tannersville, PA 18372. (Tannersville, Jackson Township, PA).

Phone: 570-629-5433
Email: vacadmin@ptd.net
Website: https://villageatcamelback.connectresident.com

Situated within the Resort Zoning district of Jackson Township, vacation homes in the communities adjacent to Camelback are popular choices for Short-Term Rentals (STR).

Short Term Rentals Restricted.

Short-term rentals for single-family homes are allowed in these neighborhoods, but they are regulated by either the Homeowners Association (HOA) or the township. It’s essential to communicate with the HOA and carefully review their Rules and Regulations to prevent any violations.



The HIDEOUT (Lake Ariel PA, 18436) The Hideout POA has proposed a future ban on short-term rentals and would “extinguish” existing permits on the resale of a STR property.  The Hideout is a planned residential community consisting of approximately 3,200 single family homes and is part of the Lake Wallenpaupack area.  The community has central sewer and water systems and a host of recreation facilities.  The community has established rental rules designed to maintain property values and support a family atmosphere.  HOA fees are high and many of the amenities also have usage fees.

INDIAN ROCKS (Salem Township, Wayne County, PA) Indian Rocks is a vacation community next to Lake Wallenpaupack with approximately 920 property owners, and 470 homes.  The community has 24 hour public safety, a central water system, and amenities such as a pool, tennis courts, beaches on Lake Wallenpaupack, a playground, and more.  STR is defined to be 3-30 days and each guest is to be registered with the management office.  The community has put a cap on the number of STR properties allowed to operate and has significantly raised their license fees over the past few years. LONG WAITING LIST for STR.

KAHKOUT MOUNTAIN (Middle Smithfield Township, PA) HOA community in Middle Smithfield Township which allows STR with a permit.  No information about the HOA/POA’s rules and regulations.

KNOLL ACRES (Middle Smithfield Township, PA) HOA community in Middle Smithfield Township which allows STR with a permit.  No information about the HOA/POA’s rules and regulations.

Lake Ariel – 2023 will allow only 10 STR per year.

LAKE NAOMI and TIMBER TRAILS (Pocono Pines(Tobyhanna and Coolbaugh Township), PA 18350)
Lake Naomi is a very popular and well-known vacation destination in the Poconos.  The community is sprawling with 3 different HOA’s and a separate entity (Lake Naomi Club) that oversee amenities like a lake big enough for sail boats, a tennis club, golf course and pools.  Temporary Memberships from this club are needed for guests to access the amenities which is causing some debate among the HOAs and the club.  The majority of the homes are in Tobyhanna Township which has yet to issue its STR ordinance, so check before investing in Lake Naomi.

LAKE OF THE PINES (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)
No information about the HOA has been found.  This community has central water and sewer.

LAKEVIEW ESTATES (Gouldsboro (Lehigh Township), Wayne County, PA) The Lakeview Estate Homeowners Association defines short term as 2 weeks or more.  Owners are to register their properties and receive a license from the community ($300 annual fee).  All guests must be registered with the management office, no mention of additional per guest fees.

LEISURE LANDS (East Stroudsburg (Middle Smithfield Twp), PA) As currently understood, the township is allowing STR is communities like Leisure Lands, but you should check with the HOA and the township as to the current state of STR licensing.

LITTLE GAP ESTATES (Lower Towamensing Township, PA  18071) The community is predominantly permanent residents and the HOA/POA rules do not address short-term rentals.  Being very close to Blue Mountain Ski Resort has several of the homes operating as short-term rentals and seasonal rentals.  The community zoning is residential and the township has adopted a short-term rental ordinance allowing for homes in residential communities to operate as STR.

LOCUST PARADISE (Pocono Lake (Tobyhanna Township), PA) Homes in this subdivision are not governed by a HOA.  There are no community amenities, a private road agreement with modest fees maintains the streets.

MONROE LAKES (East Stroudsburg (Middle Smithfield), PA) With its own lake, amenities in Monroe Lakes includes a beach area, basketball court, playground, boat launch area, as well as a club house.   Listings indicate the association prohibits STR of less than 30 days.  Call the POA office for clarification 570-223-8727.

MOUNTAIN TOP ESTATES (Middle Smithfield Township, PA) A mostly residential community close to Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort.  No rental office and no information regarding STR is available.

NORTH SLOPE (Middle Smithfield Township, PA) North Slope is a HOA community in Middle Smithfield Township.  The township allows STR with a permit.  No information about this HOA/POA’s rules and regulations.

PENNBROOK FARMS (Stroudsburg (Jackson Township), PA) There is no HOA for Pennbrook Farms, a residential community located not too far from Camelback Resort in Jackson Township.  Jackson Township allows STR with a permit, so you should check with the township first regarding any opportunities.

PINE CREEK ESTATES (East Stroudsburg, PA 18302) The community HOA is in the process of updating their Rules and Regulations to allow for STR. An extra fee will be assessed to homes hosting Short-term Rentals. This policy is being adopted to keep annual dues lower for the other residents.

PINE HILL ESTATES (Mount Pocono Borough, PA 18344) Pine Hill Estates is a neighborhood inside Mount Pocono Borough.  It is a subdivision with no HOA, no private amenities.  The neighborhood is partly zoned R-1 and R-2.  Properties in the R-1 districts of borough are not able to operate STR,  other districts are.

POCONO FORESTED ACRES (Middle Smithfield Township) No information about the HOA rules about STR has been found.

POCONO MANOR (Pocono Township, PA) The Pocono Manor Community is adjacent to the Pocono Manor Golf Club and located in the Recreational District zoned area of Pocono Township.  STR may be possible.  Refer to the HOA and the township for more details.

POCONO SPRINGS (Gouldsboro, Wayne County, PA) Remote and secluded, Pocono Springs is one of the newer vacation communities in the Poconos.  With 4,300 properties and more than 2,000 vacant lots there is ample new construction in this growing community that is surrounded by state game lands and spans three different townships.  Three townships, three sets of rules and regulations.

RESERVE AT POND CREEK (Middle Smithfield Township, PA) The Reserve at Pond Creek has about 50 executive-style homes and a no amenities.  It is a HOA community in Middle Smithfield Township which allows STR with a permit.  No information about the HOA/POA’s rules and regulations.

SAW CREEK ESTATES (Bushkill (Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County and Lehman Township, Pike County), PA 18324) Saw Creek Estates is a gated community that boast having the finest amenities of any community in the Poconos including a private ski area, indoor tennis courts, 4 outdoor and 2 indoor pools.  If you are renting, the community charges owners an extra $175 annual fee, plus a per rental fee of $50/$75.  Guests can purchase wrist bands to access the amenities at $10/person/day.  The community has its own central water and sewer system, a real plus.  The Saw Creek Estates has a Rental Policy that allows STR if the municipality allows STR, but will not allow new STR’s in their community.  If a home (in either township) has a municipal license, they can continue to operate their STR under new ownership.  If the home does not have a license they cannot start in Saw Creek Estates.

SUNRISE RIDGE (Penn Forest Township, PA) Sunrise Ridge is located in Carbon County, this small community is close to Pocono attractions.  The township licenses STR and the Sunrise Ridge Property Owner’s Association makes no mention of rentals in its Rules and Regulations.

WALKER LAKE (Shohola (Pike County), PA ) Walker Lakeshores Landowners Association says members can enjoy two swimming beaches, a boat launch and storage area, a tennis court and clubhouse. Residents enjoy planned activities such as an annual picnic and nature presentations.  No mention of renter and STR guests

WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES (Lake Ariel (Paupack Township, Wayne County), PA) Allow unlimited STR after 2 years of ownership. Wallenpaupack Lake Estates is one of the few private communities in the Poconos with a community-based water and sewer system.  It is also one of the few communities with an indoor pool as well as amenities such as a skate park, multiple beaches, a marina and several clubhouses.  The 13 mile Lake Wallenpaupack is the second largest lake in the state and allows powerboats.

WINONA LAKES (East Stroudsburg (Lehman Township and Middle Smithfield Township), PA  18302) Winona Lakes is vacation community located between Shawnee Ski Resort and Bushkill Falls that spans Lehman Township in Pike County and Middle Smithfield Township in Monroe County.  It is filled with amenities like lakes, pools, playgrounds, but these are off limits to short-term rental guests.  Property owners are required to register short-term rentals and long term rentals with the management office.  An annual assessment of $1,000 is applied to properties operating STR.  See the forms section of Winona Lakes Rental Policy for more details.  Note that Lehman Township has tightened regulations and no new STR licenses are being issued.


Buck Hill Falls: 270 Golf Drive, PA 18323. (Barrett Township, PA 18323).

Phone: 570-595-7511
Website: https://www.buckhillfalls.com

Buck Hill Falls is a vibrant community with 305 homes spread across 4500 acres, featuring amenities like a golf course and pool. However, rentals are restricted to a minimum of 30 days, making it unsuitable for short-term vacation rentals (STR).

Castle Rock Acres: 147 Municipal Drive, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302. (Middle Smithfield Township, PA).

Phone: 570-223-8920, ext. 105
Email: vsmith@mstownship.com
Website: https://www.middlesmithfieldtownship.com

This HOA community in Middle Smithfield Township allows STR with a permit, but specific rules and regulations are not readily available.

Circle Green Condominium: 108 Green Circle Paupack, PA 18451.

Overlooking Lake Wallenpaupack, this 46-unit community in Pike County offers a picturesque setting.

Estates At Great Bear: 1 Rising Meadow Way, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302. (Middle Smithfield Township, PA).

Phone: (570) 223-9198.

Planned around the Estates At Great Bear, this community permits STR with a permit from the township, with details about HOA/POA rules not currently available.

GREENWOOD ACRES (Tobyhanna Twp, PA 18610 and Pocono Lake, PA 18347)

This STR-friendly community in the heart of the Poconos, governed by Tobyhanna Township, has central sewer systems. However, Tobyhanna Township has yet to implement STR rules, so caution is advised.

HALLOWOOD ACRES (Price Township, PA)

A small HOA community surrounding Hallowood Lake in Price Township. For information about STR regulations, contact the township and the HOA directly.

THE HIDEOUT (Lake Ariel, PA 18436)

While The Hideout is a planned residential community with amenities and proposed restrictions on future STRs, it’s essential to check with the community’s POA for the latest updates.

INDIAN ROCKS (Salem Township, Wayne County, PA)

This vacation community near Lake Wallenpaupack has specific rules for STR, including registration requirements and limits on the number of properties allowed to operate as STR. A waiting list for STR is reported.

KAHKOUT MOUNTAIN (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)

Another HOA community in Middle Smithfield Township allowing STR with a permit, but detailed rules are not available.

KNOLL ACRES (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)

Similar to other Middle Smithfield Township communities, this HOA allows STR with a permit, with specific rules not provided.

LAKE ARIEL (2023: 10 STRs per year)

Beginning in 2023, Lake Ariel will permit only 10 STRs per year. Specific details about regulations are advised to be checked directly.

LAKE NAOMI and TIMBER TRAILS (Tobyhanna and Coolbaugh Township, PA 18350)

Lake Naomi, with three different HOAs and the Lake Naomi Club, offers extensive amenities. However, with Tobyhanna Township yet to issue STR regulations, potential investors should verify current status.

LAKE OF THE PINES (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)

Details about HOA regulations are not available, but this community features central water and sewer systems.

LAKEVIEW ESTATES (Gouldsboro, Lehigh Township, Wayne County, PA)

This HOA community defines short-term as 2 weeks or more and requires property registration with a $300 annual fee. No mention of additional guest fees is provided.

LEISURE LANDS (Middle Smithfield Twp, PA)

While the township allows STR, specific rules in communities like Leisure Lands should be verified with both the HOA and township.

LITTLE GAP ESTATES (Lower Towamensing Township, PA 18071)

Primarily a residential community, Little Gap Estates follows township STR regulations, allowing homes in residential areas to operate as STR.

LOCUST PARADISE (Tobyhanna Township, PA)

This subdivision, not governed by an HOA, lacks community amenities but has a private road agreement with modest fees for street maintenance.

MONROE LAKES (Middle Smithfield, PA)

Monroe Lakes, featuring its own lake and amenities, specifies a 30-day minimum for rentals. For clarity, contact the POA office.

MOUNTAIN TOP ESTATES (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)

This mostly residential community near Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort lacks rental office information and details about STR.

NORTH SLOPE (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)

A HOA community allowing STR with a permit in Middle Smithfield Township. Specific HOA regulations are not provided.

PENNBROOK FARMS (Jackson Township, PA)

With no HOA, Pennbrook Farms is located near Camelback Resort. Jackson Township allows STR with a permit, and interested parties should inquire about opportunities.

PINE CREEK ESTATES (East Stroudsburg, PA 18302)

While the community HOA is updating rules to allow STR, an extra fee will be applied to homes hosting short-term rentals.

PINE HILL ESTATES (Mount Pocono Borough, PA 18344)

This neighborhood in Mount Pocono Borough has no HOA and limited information about STR zoning.

**PINE RIDGE (Lehman


Short Term Rentals Not Allowed.


ALPINE LAKE is a private community made up of 266 lots and over 150 homes.  This community is in Pocono Township and their zoning regulations allow seasonal renting, but do not allow short-term rentals in residential areas.

BARTON GLEN is a private community close to Camelback. The HOA prohibits short-term rentals. This community is in Pocono and Jackson Townships. Season rentals are allowed, but no short-term rentals.

BELTZVILLE LAKE ESTATES is a private community with a lake, beach and clubhouse. This community is located in Penn Forest and Towamensing Townships. They do not allow short-term rentals.

BIRCHES III (Effort (Chestnuthill Township), PA) The Birches Three development is zoned R-1 and in Chestnuthill Township, this means that Short-term Rentals cannot operate without first receiving a zoning variance. It is believed that a positive outcome for a zoning variance for Short-term rentals would be very unlikely.

BIRCHES WEST (Saylorsburg (Chestnuthill Township), PA) The Birches West development is zoned R-1 and in Chestnuthill Township, this means that Short-term Rentals cannot operate without first receiving a zoning variance. It is believed that a positive outcome for a zoning variance for Short-term rentals would be very unlikely.

BIRCHWOOD LAKES (Dingmans Ferry (Pike County), PA 18328
Located at the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania, Birchwood Lakes was originally a summer community that grown to include year round homes and a substantial number of full time residents. Birchwood Lakes has nearly 900 homes with many amenities. It is close to the town of Milford as well as the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The community bylaws prohibit rentals that are less than one year in length, so Short-Term Rentals are not allowed in Birchwood Lakes.

COBBLE CREEK ESTATES (Tannersville (Pocono Township), PA 18372)
Cobble Creek Estates is located near the Camelback Ski Resort and consists primarily of year-round residents.  There is a strict prohibition of Short-term Rentals in Cobble Creek Estates, enforced in by homeowner deed restrictions and local ordinance.

COUNTRY CLUB OF THE POCONOS (Middle Smithfield Township, PA)
The community HOA does not allow Short term rentals.  This community has central water and sewer.

EL DO LAKE (Kunkletown, PA) The ElDo Lake Property Owners Association states this is a private community, not a vacation resort.  Rentals must be registered with the HOA and must be one year in length.  No mention of Short-term rentals being allowed.

FAWN ACRES (East Stroudsburg (Smithfield Township) PA) Fawn Acres is located in Smithfield Township near Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort.  The township does not allow STR in residential areas, only the areas designated as the Resort Zoning district.

FAWN LAKE FOREST more info (Hawley (Wayne County) PA) Located on on the northern end of the Lake Wallenpaupack area, north of the Poconos.  The HOA issued a ruling that states “No owner, tenant, resident and/or occupant of FLFA shall rent, sublet, or lease a FLFA property and/or home as a “Short Term Rental”, “Vacation Rental” or otherwise for 30 days or less.

There are 2 lakes within the community which provide for various water activities including boating, fishing, swimming and sailing. The community also features a full size indoor and outdoor pools, lakefront clubhouse, fitness center, tennis & basketball courts, baseball field, pickleball court (indoor & outdoor) and miniature golf. Owners enjoy a variety of social and recreational events offered throughout the year, coordinated by the Recreation/Social Dept, including a summer picnic, dinner dances, holiday parties, Independence Day boat regatta, and a variety of other activities for all ages. A full-time public safety staff patrols 24/7 and a full time maintenance.


Twp (2) Lakes:

-Fawn Lake (No gas Allowed)

-Westcolang (gas is Allowed, power boating).

-Maps are provided with Fawn Lake Forest Welcome Package.

-Golf carts & ATV’s are Allowed.

-Onsite septic and water is handled by AQUA (outside company).


FAWN RIDGE ESTATES (Blakeslee (Tobyhanna Township), PA 18610 Emerald Lakes is in Tobyhanna Township which has yet to implement STR rules and regulations. Extra consideration should be applied to these homes.

FOREST GLEN (Pocono Lake (Tobyhanna Township), PA) Forest Glen is a small private community surrounding Like Onocop in HOA community in Tobyhanna Township.  The township is in the process of formulating its ordinances around Short-term Rentals.  The HOA/POA’s rules and regulations state that nobody shall rent for less than 30 days.

GLEN ONOKO ESTATES/Leisureland (Jim Thorpe Borough, PA) Jim Thorpe Borough does not permit short term rentals in zoning R-1 like Glen Onoko Estates and Leisureland.

GRUBERS LAKE (Jackson Twp, PA) Grubers Lake is a small community of lakeside cottages and the HOA prohibits STR.

HEMLOCK FARMS (Lords Valley (Pike County), PA ) Hemlock Farms is a gated community of 3,500 homes with a wealth of amenities including pools, ponds and the big Hemlock Lake.  Rentals for less than 30 days are not allowed, so by definition, no “short-term rentals.”  Month-long and seasonal rentals are permitted so your home in Hemlock Farms may still have income potential which is why you might see it on rental websites.

KES (Kunkletown (Polk Township), PA) No Short Term Rentals of less than six consecutive weeks are allowed by the bylaws of Robin Hood Lakes.

KINGSWOOD LAKE ESTATES (Kunkletown, PA  18058) By way of deed restrictions, property owners in Kingswood Lake Estates can only rent for a period of 3 months or more.  NO STR (Airbnb, VRBO, etc) is allowed in Kingswood Lake

LAKE IN THE CLOUDS (Canadensis, PA 18325) The Lake in the Clouds is a planned residential community of 423 properties between Canadensis (Monroe County) and Newfoundland (Pike County).  HOA rules for the Lake in the Clouds community prohibit rentals of less than three months.  Rentals are allowed for 3 months or more and the owner needs a permit from the HOA.

LAKE VALHALLA (Smithfield Township, PA 18301)
Only properties located in the Resort Zoning district of Smithfield Township can get a license to operate STR.  Homes in Lake Valhalla are in a residential district and not eligible for a license without a zoning variance.

Lake Wallenpaupack Estates, Greentown PA do not allow STR. This community is different from Wallenpaupack Lake Estates located in Lake Ariel who allow unlimited STR after 2 years of ownership.

LAKE WALLENPAUPACK ESTATES (Greentown, Pike County, PA) HOA community at the western end of Wallenpaupack Lake.  Call office (570) 689-4385 for STR rules:

LAKE WATAWGA (Gouldsboro (Lehigh Township), Wayne County, PA)
The Lake Watawga Property Owners Association is putting in place rules that prohibit STR in their community.  A similar move is being considered across the township.

MAEVE MANOR (Tannersville (Pocono Township), PA) Maeve Manor is a subdivision in R-1 zoning district of Pocono Township.  The township requires a license to operate and properties in R-1 zoning are not eligible

MANZANEDO ROD AND GUN CLUB (East Stroudsburg (Price Township), PA) Manzanedo Rod & Gun Club offers 500+ acres and the well stocked Lake Manzanedo. Membership requires valid hunting or fishing license, but no short term rentals are allowed by the HOA.

MARTY AXMAN (Penn Forest Township, PA  18229) There are over 100 lots in the Marty Axman community and the HOA administration says STR is not permitted.  Penn Forest Township allows STR and it is believed several STR are operating without the HOA’s permission.

MOUNTAIN VIEW VILLAGE (Tannersville, (Pocono Township), PA) Mountain View Village is a community of vacation homes located across the road from Camelback Mountain.  The community is zoned R-1 (Residential, single family) and the township does not allow Short-term Rentals, which is why many properties in this and neighboring Pocono Township communities rent for the entire season.

PENN FOREST STREAMS (Jim Thorpe, PA 18229)Penn Forest Streams consists of over 700 properties and is located between the borough of Jim Thorpe and Pocono Raceway. Community amenities include: two pools, security services, a clubhouse, a pavilion, tennis and basketball courts.  The HOA prohibits short-term rentals, requiring longer term rentals pay an annual fee and register each renter with the community office.

PINE RIDGE (Bushkill (Lehman Township), Pike County, PA) Pine Ridge is in Lehman Township which been off and on when it comes to STR license issuance.  Currently no new STR licenses are being issued in residential communities, only those with existing licenses can continue to operate.

POCONO RANCH LANDS (Lehman Township, Pike County, PA) Pocono Ranch Lands describes itself as a 4 seasons community that offers skiing, horseback riding, hiking trails, playgrounds, ball fields, outdoor swimming pools and allows ATV’s on their private roads.  An annual registration as a rental property is required with the community management office if the property is licensed for STR by the township.  Lehman Township has been off and on when it comes to STR license issuance.

PLEASANT VALLEY ESTATES (Kunkletown (Polk Township) PA) Polk Township allows STR on properties over 1 acre in size, but the Pleasant Valley Estates Civic Association states that STR is not allowed.  Located midway between Camelback and Blue Mountain ski resorts, the neighborhood is primarily full-time residents.

PLEASANT VALLEY WEST (Jim Thorpe, PA 18229) The community prides itself on being quiet and “bucolic”  A full-time office is maintained and they state that short-term rentals are not allowed in the community.

PLEASANT VIEW LAKE (Kunkletown (Polk Township) PA) Polk Township allows for STR on properties 1-acre and larger.  Properties in Pleasant View Lake are smaller than 1 acre and therefore the HOA has designated STR as not allowed in addition to the inability to obtain a license.

POCONO HAVEN (East Stroudsburg (Pocono Township), PA) Pocono Haven is a low cost HOA in Pocono Township.  The Township does not allow Short Term Rentals in residential neighborhoods.

POCONO HIGHLAND ESTATES (Henryville (Pocono Township), PA) Pocono Highland Estates describes itself as a growing, family-friendly community, their website says “Short Term Rentals are not permitted in PHCA Residential Zone!
You can call our local Township for further details.”  That’s Pocono Township

ROSSLAND LAKE (Saylorsburg (Ross Township), PA 18353) Ross Township only allows STR in General Commercial and Village Commercial zoning districts.  All the homes in Rossland Lake are in R-1 Zoning, a residential district so short term rentals are not allowed.

SIERRA VIEW (Tunkhannock and Chestnuthill Townships, PA)Built in 1976, this Pocono community in Monroe County has 1,250 properties.  The renting, leasing, or subleasing of all properties in Sierra View for a period of less
than 45 days is strictly prohibited by our Bylaws, Deed Restrictions, and Rules and

SKI HAVEN LAKE ESTATES (Cresco (Pocono Township), PA) In Pocono Township, STR is only allowed in the Commercial and Resort Zoning district.  Ski Haven Lake is zoned R-1- Residential / Low Density Residential, STR is not allowed.

STONECREST PARK CLUB (Blakeslee (Tunkhannock), PA  18610)Stonecrest is a small community of 244 Homes adjacent to the sprawling Indian Mountain Lake community, close to Pocono attractions.  Several recent listings state that the Property Owner’s Association does not allow STR.

STONEROW ESTATES (Scotrun (Pocono Township), PA)As a neighborhood with R-1 zoning, STR is not allowed according to Pocono Township zoning regulations.

TANGLWOOD LAKES (Greentown, Pike County, PA)Tanglwood Lakes describes itself as a residential community and is one of the many developments that line the Lake Wallenpaupack in the Lake District at the northern end of the Poconos.  According to the community association office, STR is no longer allowed in the community.

TANGLWOOD NORTH (Tafton, PA 18464)Tanglwood North is a 760 unit residential community located in Palmyra and Blooming Grove Townships in Pike County.  The Tanglwood North Community Association does not allow STR.

TIMBER HILL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION (Henryville (Price Township), PA 18332)Timber Hill Community Association offers a variety of amenities including a pool, basketball courts and a clubhouse that can be reserved for events.   The association’s rules and regulations indicate that STR is not allowed, call office 570-629-5058 to confirm.

TWIN LAKE ESTATES (East Stroudsburg (Smithfield Township), PA)Twin Lake Estates is a community with about 150 homes, 30 available lots and two fishing lakes and lots of greenery. It lies in Smithfield Township which presently only allows Short-term rentals in the Resort Zoning District so unless you can get a zoning use variance from the township, there are no short-term rentals allowed in Twin Lake Estates.

VALLEY VIEW ESTATES (Penn Forest Township, PA  18254)Valley View is one of the smaller communities in the area and the Homeowners Association passed a resolution to not allow Short Term Rentals .  All rentals must be 6 months or longer and fines will be levied for anything shorter.

WAGNER FOREST PARK (Tobyhanna, PA)Situated adjacent to state gamelands, this community through its Property Owners Association has elected not to allow STR.

WILD ACRES (Dingman’s Ferry (Delaware Township), Pike County PA)) STR in Delaware Township is only allowed in Rural-Residential Zoning districts.  Wild Acres is not in this zoning district.

THE WOODLANDS AT CRANBERRY (East Stroudsburg (Pocono Township), PA)The Woodlands at Cranberry Road is an executive home community in Pocono Township.  There is a HOA, but no amenities and the community describes as a place for those that have escaped the city life and settled for a serene county community.  Zoned as R-1 (single-family Residential) Pocono Township does not allows STR,